Magnum tandem


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  • rigid durable frame for 250kg weight (riders + baggage)
  • smallest turning radius on the market
  • fully customizable to driver needs
Tandem trike for couples, allows for users of all levels and ages to enjoy a partnered ride.

The pictures are informative only and may vary from actual product

Discover the world for two!

So far, you have never been faster or safer with a tandem. Thanks to the divisible main frame, it can also be transported in a normal car or train (triple divisible main frame, longest section 1.55 m, can be dismantled quickly).

Steering system is designed to ensure minimum turning radius with the cross linked rods and leading steering arms. Theoretically, the inside wheel can turn by full 90 degrees allowing the tandem to turn on it's wheelbase radius. The practical limit occurs at approximately some 70 degrees allowing the Magnum to make a 2.6 meter turning radius, or in practical terms, you can turn around with it on any road.

In addition, we have equipped the Magnum as standard with a double freewheel system, a chain compensation and adjustable seats.
Bottom bracket of the stoker can be moved over the entire length of the tube.
Children can also enjoy a relaxed tandem tour.

Test the magnum and you will understand why more and more people choose a tandem. The Magnum can be perfectly adapted to every customer thanks to various seat models.

We would be happy to help you put together your desired trike and build the trike of your dreams.

Frame: ST 52
Front wheels: 18" (355mm), or 20" (406 mm)
Rear wheel: 20" (406 mm)
Seat angle: 30° - 45°
Wheel track: 83,5 cm
Overall width: 90 cm
Overall length: 3,30 m - 3,50 m
Seat height: 27 cm - 29 cm
BB height: 36 cm - 46 cm
Wheel base: 2,52 m
Turning circle: 7,0 m (out-out)
Cranksets: Double freewheel system LASCO
Weight: from 32 kg